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10/20/2019 8:36AM
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Property Maintenance Report April 2012



Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to look over this report. It’s crafted in the hopes of shining a light on the good works of our folks in Property Maintenance. I thank Joe, Will, and Autumn for their continuing service to our city.

Our goal in The Division of Property Maintenance is to help property owners become compliant and to that end, we’re doing good things together. Under Mayor Hall’s leadership, we’re focused on achieving results through collaboration between the Departments of Development and Property Maintenance. We continuously strive to improve service to you.

v  From August 2011 to March 2012

o   We received 426 new complaints and completed over 1,000 inspections.

o   We’ve issued 354 notices of violation of which, 118 were later closed for compliance (33% success rate).

o   Additionally, 236 citations/fines were levied for non-compliance issues.


v  In the same six-month period, we’ve successfully razed 13 blighted properties.


v  Also in March 2012 – 4 additional structures were demolished (1 being an unsafe garage).

o   225 W. Main, 24 Curtis, and 124 S. 3rd & (27 W. Shields).


v  August of 2011 - returned $18,165.60 to the public treasury as a result of prior assessments being collected by the County.


v  November 2011 and due to non-compliance - 79 additional assessments were levied against individual’s real estate tax (by Ordinance 11-47).


v  March 2012 – returned $9,319.97 to the public treasury as a result tax assessments.


v  These figures represent a 33% compliance rate and over $27,000 collected in the period.


So you see, whether processing citizen concerns, assisting with compliance, or returning monies to the public treasury, we’re committed to protecting the citizens’ property within our great city.


In servitude,

Bill Spurgeon