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10/27/2020 7:51AM
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Isabelle Road

Click here to view letter sent to property owners on Isabelle Road about the upcoming project. 

Isabelle Road is scheduled to close from August 13, 2018 until October 12, 2018 for pavement rehabilitation. 

The City of Newark has awarded the contract for this project, and construction is scheduled to start August 13, 2018, and last until approximately the end of October. In addition to pavement rehabilitation, we will also be replacing curbing, curb ramps, sidewalk and driveway approaches. As part of the curb replacement, the stormwater structure in front of 175 Isabelle Road will also be reconstructed to work properly.

In Newark, it is normally the property owner's responsibility to maintain and replace the sidewalk and curbing adjacent to their property. However, the City will be paying for this work due to the nature of the pavement rehabilitation, which requires adjusting the street and sidewalk grades. We feel these improvements will prove to be a great enhancement to your neighborhood. 

As expected with this type of project, there are a number of construction issues that we had to decide how to deal with. These are some of the issues that you should be aware of: 

  1. Due to changes in grade with the pavement, the new driveway approaches may have changes in grade to meet the new curb/pavement. There will be periods of disruption to the use of the driveway as the old concrete is removed and replaced, and the new concrete is properly cured. 
  2. Any retaining walls existing behind the sidewalks will not be replaced. 
  3. All brick sidewalks will be removed and replaced with concrete walks, to meet ADA requirements. 
  4. House walks (the walk between the public sidewalk and your house), may need a small section replaced to match the new public sidewalk. 
  5. In a few locations, there is a small piece of walk between the public sidewalk and the back of the curb. We are planning on replacing these small stub walks. 
  6. All trees, stumps, and bushes between the curb and sidewalk will be removed at no cost to the property owners. The work requires that this area is clear. If you have trees that you would like to save please have them removed prior to construction. 

The plans for this project can be viewed at Newark City Hall, City Engineer's Office - 2nd floor during normal office hours from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. If you have any other questions, you can call the office at 740-670-7727.