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9/28/2020 2:58AM
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Current Stormwater News


Current Projects

Church Street currently has a project that has been designed and is now open to bidding. This project will help provide a stormwater drainage solution for the Church and 30th Street area and will also include a Water Quality basin that will help to improve the Stormwater discharge for this area.

River Roundup 

This year’s River Roundup will be bigger and better than ever. We will be serving new communities and cleaning up more trash, tires, and recyclables. More volunteers are always welcome!

Please get involved:


There is a current study of the Newark Levee System in place to determine corrective actions to make the Levee safer, up to date, and certify the system. Burgess & Niple id the firm currently tasked with this study.

A drainage study has been completed for the area around Steel Avenue. A larger basin study is in the works due to the large area contributing to the stormwater problems in this sub basin area. A request for proposals has been issued to help engineer a solution for these problems.

City of Newark Priority Area Map

The map below shows several priority problem areas that represent lack of stormwater infrastructure within the City of Newark. The areas are rated high, medium, and low. Look to see if your home or business resides in one of these areas.

Priority Map