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11/17/2018 7:06AM
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Construction Projects

West Side Transmission Waterline:
Description: Installation of a 16” waterline extending from a new line on Country Club Drive to Terrace Avenue.
Purpose: This transmission line is part of an overall plan to provide greater volumes of water to the west end area and the Tamarack Business Park in particular.  As part of the 2002 master plan, sections of the transmission line have already been installed and this is just another portion.
Cost:  $3,500,000
Issue:  Working on acquiring easements for line under St. Rt. 16.
Funding: Will issue bonds for this project in 2017 (210,000/year)
Completion: December, 2018
Funding: Revenue 623.706.4711  Bond revenue
          Expense 623.706.5521 
Legislation: Bond None Yet
          Bidding None Yet

Downtown Renovation – Phase 1:
Description: Installation of 5,500 feet of water line, 6,000 feet of sanitary line and 6,000 feet of storm sewers as well as green infrastructure for stormwater treatment in the downtown area.
Purpose: CSO reduction to meet federally mandated levels and to improve vital infrastructure prone to failure.
Cost:  $19,500,000
Funding: Green Infrastructure Loan ($3,200,000) CDBG Grant ($100,000), WPCLF Loan (12,500,000), Bond Issue (4,000,000), Wastewater and Water Funds (250,000) for engineering services
Completion: Mid 2017
Legislation: Bond  Res. 14-28
         Bidding  Res. 14-72
         Professional Serv. Res. 14-49
         Loan  Res. 13-96

Downtown Renovation – Phase 2:
Description: Installation of 1,000 feet of water line, 2,520 feet of sanitary line and 1,100 feet of storm sewers.
Purpose: CSO reduction to meet federally mandated levels and to improve vital infrastructure prone to failure.  Working in coordination with bridge work.
Cost:  $3,500,000 for water, sanitary and storm work
Funding: State Infrastructure Bank Loan ($3,500,000) with repayment from various enterprise funds
Completion: Scheduled to late 2015
Legislation: Bidding  ODOT Bid
          Professional Serv. ODOT Services

West Side Booster Station:
Description: New booster station to serve the Southwest Portion of the City that is currently a pressurized water zone. 
Purpose: Will provide additional fire protection as well as a back-up for the current booster station.
Cost:  $700,000
Issues:  Currently have easement purchased for this work.  We also have an agreement with on developer in the area to help pay for this.  Need to work on plan to spread cost to all property being developed.
Funding: Water unappropriated balance and Water replacement funds.  Also, working on agreements with developers in area to help with funding.
Completion: With current development estimated to be needed in 2016
Funding: Revenue 621.706.5522
Legislation Loan  None
         Bidding  None
         Professional Serv. None

Anaerobic Digester Upgrades:
Description: Have completed a study to review options to upgrading our current anaerobic digestion process.  System is getting old and repair costs have increased significantly.  Need to upgrade equipment to prevent failure in the future.  Goal is to have something being constructed within the next 3 years.
Purpose: Provide treatment solids produced as a by-product of the wastewater treatment process.  Also can be a significant source of income due to trucked waste to the plant.
Cost:  $5,000,000
Funding: WPCLF Loan with annual repayment. ($450,000 per year)
Issues:  Plant system is currently operational.  Repairs are starting to become more and more frequent.
Completion: May, 2018
Funding: Revenue  

Riverbank Filtration:
Description: Installation of Rainey type wells in the banks of the river north of the water treatment plant.
Purpose: Provide for a more stable water quality supply and reduce chemical usage.
Cost:  $15,000,000
Issue:  This is an expense project and currently working on what the pay-back/benefits are in relation to the cost.
Funding: Bond and/or Water Supply Loan from OWDA
Completion: 2020
Funding: Revenue 623.706.4711
          Expense 623.706.5521
Legislation Bond  None
          Bidding  None
          Professional Serv. None

Horn’s Hill Sewer:
Description:  Installation of approximately 5,000 feet of 12” sanitary sewer line to transport additional flow from existing lift station to a gravity line on Horn’s Hill Road. 
Purpose:  Elimination of Lift Station for the Fairway Estates sub-division.  This station is currently owned by the residents in the development.
Cost:   $1,000,000
Funding: This would be assessed to impacted property owners.  City has agreed to pay a portion related to development of the Trout Club.
Issues:  Need to get legislation of assessment and landowner agreement
Completion: 2018
Funding: Revenue
Legislation: Bond  None
          Bidding  None
          Professional Serv. None

East Side Water Transmission Line:
Description:  Installation of approximately 3 miles of water line to loop system from New Haven Ave. to Dayton Road area
Purpose:  Fire Protection
Cost:   $2,000,000
Funding: Bond or OWDA Loan.
Issues:  Waiting on additional development in the area.
Completion: 2020?
Funding: Revenue
Legislation: Bond  None
          Bidding  None
          Professional Serv. None