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4/17/2021 7:43AM
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Construction Projects

Fourth Street Project:

Description:  This project will consist of separating the combined sewer on Fourth Street (State Route 13) from National Drive to Granville Street at State Route 16.  This work will replace old existing brick sewers with new sanitary and storm sewers.  All waterlines will be replaced as well under separate financing.  Some green infrastructure will be part of the project near the downtown area.
Purpose:  Separate combined sewer
Cost:   $28,000,000
Funding: Ohio EPA, Ohio Department of Development, Revenue Bonds. 
Status: Currently on Phase 1: South 4th Street, between National Drive and Harrison Street
Designed by Arcadis Engineering
Click here for more information.

Water Plant I&C (SCADA) Project:

Description:  SCADA system upgrades. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system provides monitoring and control capabilities for many of the Water Treatment Plant processes.   The upgrades include replacing or upgrading the existing Human Machine Interface (HMI), PLC controllers plant-wide, Data Highway Plus network and Remote I/O and various monitoring and reporting upgrades for plant processes.
Purpose:  Upgrade SCADA
Cost:   $1,600,000
Funding: Bond or OWDA Loan.
Funding:  Revenue
          Professional Serv.  Currently being designed by Arcadis Engineers.

40th Street/Tamarack Transmission Waterline:
Description: Installation of a 16” waterline extending from a new line on Country Club Drive to West Main Street, going under Raccoon Creek and State Route 16.
Purpose: This transmission line is part of an overall plan to provide greater volumes of water to the west end area and the Tamarack Business Park in particular.  As part of the 2002 master plan, sections of the transmission line have already been installed and this is just another portion.
Cost:  $4,500,000
Issue:  Working on acquiring easements for line under St. Rt. 16.
Funding: Will issue bonds for this project in 2017 (210,000/year)
Status: Construction on North 40th Street in progress and expected to be completed late spring, 2021
Funding: Revenue:  Bond 
Click here for map of the new waterline planned for this project. 

West Side Booster Station:
Description: New booster station to serve the Southwest Portion of the City that is currently a pressurized water zone. 
Purpose: Will provide additional fire protection as well as a back-up for the current booster station.
Cost:  $700,000
Issues:  Currently have easement purchased for this work.  We also have an agreement with on developer in the area to help pay for this.  Need to work on plan to spread cost to all property being developed.
Funding: Water unappropriated balance and Water replacement funds.  Also, working on agreements with developers in area to help with funding.
Completion: With current development estimated to be needed in 2016
Funding: Revenue 621.706.5522
Legislation Loan  None
         Bidding  None
         Professional Serv. None

Anaerobic Digester Upgrades:
Description:   Construction of the new Anaerobic Digester has begun.  This project replaces all existing equipment for this process.  Anaerobic Digesters are used to stabilize the solid byproducts left over from the wastewater treatment process.  These stabilized “biosolids” are then applied to local farmlands for their nutrient value. Another byproduct of this process is methane gas which is cleaned and recycled back to the gas company to be used by residents as natural gas.  This upgrade will ensure the treatment process is operating at peak efficiency. 
Purpose: Provide treatment solids produced as a by-product of the wastewater treatment process.  Also can be a significant source of income due to trucked waste to the plant.
Cost:  $12,000,000 (Contract to Dugan and Meyer).
Funding: WPCLF Loan with repayment start date of January 2020
Completion: Substantial completion is scheduled for August 2019
Issues:  Plant system is currently operational. 
Funding: Revenue  

Horn’s Hill Sewer:
Description:  Installation of approximately 5,000 feet of 12” sanitary sewer line to transport additional flow from existing lift station to a gravity line on Horn’s Hill Road.  This project will include the installation of a culvert near the intersection of Licking Springs Road.  The cost of this project will be assessed to property owners being served by the sanitary sewer line.  Work should start in the first quarter of 2019 and completed by the end of the year. 
Purpose:  Elimination of Lift Station for the Fairway Estates sub-division.  This station is currently owned by the residents in the development.
Cost:   $800,000
Funding: This would be assessed to impacted property owners.  City has agreed to pay a portion related to development of the Trout Club.
Funding: Bond

Interceptor Siphons Optimization Project:
Description:  The project is still under design and will include 3 new siphons and 1 small intercepting sewer to help get more flow to the Wastewater Treatment Plant during rain events.  The City of Newark, Division of Water and Wastewater has submitted a Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP) to Ohio EPA and this project is part of that plan.
Purpose:  Reduce combined sewer overflow events
Cost:   $2,600,000
Funding: Loan from Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental and Financial Loan program
Issues:  Waiting on additional development in the area.
Completion: Late 2020
Funding: Revenue
Design currently in process with Hazen and Sawyer

Click here to open Interceptor Siphon Map