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7/4/2022 5:33PM
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Backflow Prevention

The City of Newark, Division of Water & Wastewater is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the high quality of Newark's public water supply. On August 15, 2016, the Newark City Council passed Ordinance Number 16-31 providing for water quality protection and cross-connection control, which was previously administered by the Licking County Health Department. As a result, the City of Newark Water Department will now maintain a backflow prevention and cross-connection control program for each individual commercial and industrial water connection.

The term backflow refers to the flow from a possible source of contamination back into the drinking water system. It occurs when a cross-connection is created and a pressure reversal, either as backsiphonage or backpressure, takes place in the water supply piping. ANY cross-connection poses a potential critical health risk.

The City of Newark, Division of Water & Wastewater enforces the state regulations regarding backflow prevention. You may refer to Ohio Revised Code 6109.13 and Ohio Administrative Code 3745-95 for more information. A backflow containment assembly is required to be installed after the meter for all industrial and commercial accounts. The installation of a backflow containment assembly must be completed by a licensed plumber. Testing of a backflow assembly is required when installed and every twelve months thereafter, and must be completed by a certified backflow tester. A certified backflow tester is typically a licensed plumber. Installation and testing of a backflow containment assembly is the responsibility of the water consumer. For a list of companies with certified testers in the Newark area, please click this link: Backflow Testing Companies.

Test results must be returned to the City of Newark Water Department, P.O. Box 4100, Newark, Ohio 43058-4100 on a Backflow Preventer Report Form.
Click to download the form: Backflow Preventer Report Form



  • Hose connections to chemical solution aspirators to feed lawn and shrub herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers
  • Lawn irrigation systems
  • Chemically treated heating systems
  • Hose connections to a water outlet or laundry tub
  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas
  • Private and/or non-potable water supplies located on the property
  • Water-operated sump drain device

Backflow can happen in a residence also. If a hazard exists at a residential customer’s public water supply service connection, the customer will be required to install and maintain an appropriate backflow prevention device. The installation and testing must be done by personnel certified to test backflow preventers.

Water service may be discontinued if backflow devices are not tested and reported in a timely manner.

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