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4/24/2017 5:11AM
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Finance Committee Capital Improvements Committee
Public Service Committee Public Safety Committee
Personnel Committee Recreation Committee
Street Committee Rules Committee
Economic Development Committee Ways and Means Committee
Special Budget Review Subcommittee  


                            Newark City Council Committee Assignments - effective 1/1/2016
Finance Capital Improvements Service
Doug Marmie, Chair Curtis Johnson, Chair Jeff Rath. Chair
Carol Floyd, Vice-Chair Dee Hall, Vice-Chair Bill Cost Jr, Vice-Chair
Ryan Bubb Jeff Rath Mark Fraizer
Mark Fraizer Mark Fraizer. Carol Floyd
Bill Cost Jr. Alex Rolletta IV Ryan Bubb
Personnel Economic Development Safety
Ryan Bubb, Chair Jeremy Blake, Chair Mark Fraizer, Chair
Alex Rolletta IV, Vice-Chair Jeff Rath, Vice-Chair Jeremy Blake, Vice-Chair
Doug Marmie Bill Cost Jr Curtis Johnson
Dee Hall Mark Fraizer Carol Floyd
Curtis Johnson Curtis Johnson Jeff Rath
Street Rules Budget Review Sub Committee 
Carol Floyd, Chair Alex Rolletta IV, Chair City Auditor
Curtis Johnson, Vice-Chair Curtis Johnson, Vice-Chair City Treasurer
Dee Hall Doug Marmie Mayor
Jeff Rath   Service Director
Alex Rolletta IV   Majority Leader
Jeremy Blake Ways & Means Minority Leader
Doug Marmie Dee Hall, Chair Chair of Finance Committee
  Ryan Bubb, Vice-Chair Ranking Minority Member of Finance
  Doug Marmie Committee
Recreation   Chaplains
Bill Cost Jr, Chair President Pro-Tem Carol Floyd
Jeff Rath, Vice-Chair Ryan Bubb Curtis Johnson
Jeremy Blake    
Majority Leader Minority Leader  
Doug Marmie Carol Floyd