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6/24/2019 4:22PM
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2019 Hydrant Flushing Program

The City of Newark Water Department is conducting its annual fire hydrant flushing program. Flushing will start March 26, 2019 and continuing until it is completed. To locate the flushing zone that you reside in please check the flushing map at the link below.  Residents may experience some temporary discoloration of their water during this period. To prevent staining of laundry, water quality should be checked by allowing the cold water to run for a few minutes.  Running the water will generally clear up any water quality problems. Signs will also be posted in the affected areas. Please contact the Water Treatment Plant at 349-6765 if you have any questions.

Starting June 17th, 2019 and continuing until it is completed, we will be flushing zone 2-1. Zone 2-1 consists of the area South of Deo Dr, North of Catalina Dr, North of Log Pond Dr, West of Mount Vernon Rd and East of North 21st St.

2019 Hydrant Flushing Zone Map

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