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1/28/2022 11:48AM
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WWTP UV Disinfection Upgrade and SCADA Master Plan

Description: The UV upgrade project is being undertaken to update the aged UV and controls system. Construction will include the supply and installation of an open-channel, gravity flow, low-pressure, high-intensity, vertical or inclined-vertical lamp, and an automatically controlled and automatically cleaned UV disinfection system with all associated and ancillary equipment. Specifically, the proposed project will supply and install the following:
• UV lamp modules and support frames
• UV lamps with quartz sleeves
• Electronic ballasts/drives and ballast/driver enclosures
• Power distribution equipment and enclosures
• Control equipment and enclosures
• UV intensity and lamp monitoring systems
• Online UV transmittance monitor
• Automatic lamp sleeve cleaning system
• Field testing of equipment and instruction to WWTP personnel
Purpose: Update the aged UV and controls system.
Cost: $4,445,498
Funding: WPCLF Loan repaid from monthly user charges
Status: The project is scheduled to begin in autumn 2021 and be completed in 21 months.
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